Dallas Stars: Not afraid of Elimination, but are Facing it Tonight

The Dallas Stars are no strangers to ups and downs.  In fact, as I've mentioned before, they've had many this season. 

The Stars have faced many injuries, they've had streaks where they've looked less than stellar and, then have been in positions where they have looked like they couldn't be beat. 

This is how the Stars ended up in the playoffs.  They battled their way from some of the worst challenges a team has faced, and in the process, looked like they're made of unbreakable steel.  

Since the Stars have battled injuries and they've come back stronger than ever after the Rich Peverley scare, there's no reason to believe that they will not fight out of this 3-2 series hole.  In fact, the Stars feel the same. 
Tonight, the Stars are looking straight down the barrel of elimination. As is the Stars strength, they aren't even scared. 

However as a fan, I'd hope they've taken the time to fix their weaknesses and mistakes that went wrong in their last game. 

The last game, our Dallas Stars were hit with a surprise offensive onslaught,  that left many jaws on the floor.  In order to avoid this happening again, the Stars defense must be aware of every player and situation that Anaheim throws at them.  Dallas can force a game seven, as long as their defense comes to play and, their offense is firing on all cylinders.

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