Dallas Stars Overcoming Adversity & Winning the Hearts of Fans Again

The Dallas Stars have faced challenges all year long. From losing one player (Rich Peverley) to an irregular heartbeat problem, to a player breaking his leg, saying this season is a challenge is an understatement.  Unfortunately, the challenges didn't stop there.  As Dallas tried to make a final push for the playoffs, one injured player (Stephane Robidas) was traded. 

Here we are a short time later, and the Stars now have the "no playoffs" monkey off their back.  Little did they know, they'd face even more challenges.  The Stars started the series off slow and fell to a 2-0 series disadvantage.  The two game hole the Stars were in seemed to give them fuel and strength.  Once Dallas hit home ice, it seemed as though they were tired of being pushed around. Now Dallas looks to do something that has been done 37 times on 291 chances.  Dallas is looking to bounce back and win the series after being in a big hole. Momentum is on their side.
As the Stars have taken the last two games, and the momentum by the horns, there is no reason to believe they can't win.   Despite all the adversity they've faced, the loss of players (Peverley with the heart issue, Robidas with the broken leg and being traded), can Dallas continue to gel and make it to Round 2?  Then, the question becomes can Dallas continue the fight, and make it to the "big one"? Time will tell but, the feeling that fans get, is that the players believe they can go all the way.  As a passionate fan myself, I too believe. 

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