Frustration continues for Kyrie Irving

I'm intrigued by this Kyrie Irving kid though and what lies ahead for him in the next few months, or the next 18 months, as he eventually will have to decide his future and the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Looking at last night's stats gives us an indication the Cavs clearly need more than just warm bodies, they need a severe upgrade in talent.

Kyrie Irving - 43 minutes...16-31 from the field...5-9 behind the arc...7-8 from the ft line..7 boards and 8 assists. The rest of the starters: Luol Deng - 5 points and 3 rebounds (cat should be ashamed), Spencer Hawes - 9 points and 7 rebounds, Dion Waiters - 14 points and 1 assist, Tristen Thompson - 4 points and 12 rebounds , Irving 44 points and the rest of the starters 32 points Oh, and the bench wasn't exactly on fire.
Jarrett Jack - 5 points, Varejeo - 5 points, Zeller - 5 points, Dellavedova - 2 points and Gee - 2 points

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