Has Albert Pujols always been clean?

As Albert Pujols slammed his way past the 500 career home run barrier, I didn't hear a single person pop the question wondering if the guy has ever used performance enhancing drugs. I asked Jake Elman this afternoon, @JakeElman, if Pujols had ever been under investigation. "I trust Jake in this area, so I'm not even gonna look it up. He was under suspicion by a couple media people yes, but never tested positive or even came close," Elman says.

Ok, but if we're thinking about the first long-ball hitter to go past the 500 barrier since Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark Mcquire, and I don't know where we stand on Manny Ramirez, I think you have to at least bring it up, right?

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