New York Mets Trade Away Yikes Davis

Have you ever had a problem that lingered on for a few years and finally when the weight of that burden was lifted and goes away, don't you feel really good and relieved that this issue has ultimately reached its end!?  Well that's how the New York Mets organization and their fan base feel about trading away Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates for relief pitcher Zack Thornton and a player to be named later.

Davis has been a giant thorn in the side of that Mets line up.  He can play the field well enough at 1st base but he has trouble hitting it that far.  Davis is an probably always will be a strikeout machine.  Mets fans knew that when Davis came to the plate he'd either blast a homerun or strike out miserably.  He became Yikes Davis.
In Ike's first full season as a rookie he hit 19 HR's and had 71 RBI's.  For the Mets in 2010 those were phenomenal numbers given the poor status of the team.  New York thought they finally had their first baseman despite Ike striking out 138 times.  He was injured the following season but the fans awaited his return in 2012 and were overjoyed.  Davis and his big lefty swing was back in the batters box and he did what Mets fans and especially the organization was hoping he would do.  He hit 32 homers with 90 RBI's batting clean up behind David Wright.  But he still struck out 141 times in 584 plate appearances with an abysmal .227 batting average.  Like I said earlier, it seemed like Ike either struck out or hit a home run every time he dug his cleats in the batters box.

Then last season came around and went from hero to zero in one year.  Davis was once again plagued by injury, this time an oblique muscle in which he admitted to hiding from the team.  That's always an easy out for a poor season but then again that could be true.  Nevertheless his season was pathetic.  He strike out ratio got even worse, much worse.  Davis had 377 plate appearances in 2013 and struck out 101 times with a .205 BA.  That's just absolutely ridiculous.  His consistent poor display at the plate forced manager Terry Collins to bench Davis on several occasions and even send him to the minors for a month.

Going into his 5th season as a New York Met, Davis heard whispers of a possible trade.  Has that had an effect on another terrible start to this season or is he truly that much of a liability filling a roster spot on the team and hurting them as a result of it?  I guess Pittsburgh figures he's got something going on in there at the age of 27 with time to be coached up and rid the strike out bug.  If he can do that the Davis can become an instant threat at the plate.  However the Mets don't see it that way as they basically gave Davis to the Pirates for free as Ike is batting .208 with only one homer.

The Mets will now likely move Lucas Duda to 1st base full time and fill his outfield position with one of a few guys coming back like newly acquired Chris Young, Curtis Granderson who is day to day with general soreness and the young stud Met fans are falling in love with in Juan Lagares who is currently on the DL with a strained right hamstring.  Then you have Eric Young who's a fan favorite as well and an on call back up outfielder in Kirk Nieuwenhius.  Granted it's not the most productive outfield in the National League, but the big picture looks a lot better when you look at the batting line up as a whole especially considering the players that will return to the dugout soon enough.  Anything and everything can change in a New York minute.

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