The Warriors will Battle without Mark Jackson next Season

You may be asking yourself, what is Jason talking about?!  Since Mark Jackson took over the Golden State Warriors 3 years ago, he has brought the franchise back from the depths of despair into the light of the NBA playoffs in consecutive seasons.  The Warriors gave the defending Western Conference Champs in the San Antonio Spurs all they could handle in last years playoffs and are tied with the favored Los Angeles Clippers here in the 1st round of the 2014 post season.  But rumors have been swirling around lately that Jackson may be fired after this season and we may now know why!

According to an article I read from ESPN's Chris Broussard, now former assistant coach of the Warriors, Dan Erman, was taping conversations within the classified confines of the Warriors facility for reasons still unknown.  Once this was discovered by others on the coaching staff, Erman was fired from the team within a week.  The question is why was Dan Erman taping normal, non basketball related conversations between his players and coaching staff?

First of all, if you're wondering if Erman is guilty of these allegations stop thinking about it!  Erman has already admitted to recording these conversations for a period of three weeks.  It could be more, who knows.  But everyone knows that's a no - no!  At times Erman wasn't even in the room as he recorded the his colleagues voices without their consent.  According to sources, he used his cell phone as the recording device.  Neither the players or coaches had any idea he was doing this but they did suspect some odd behavior out of Erman for some time.

It's quite obvious this was a bad move by Erman if acting alone.  It's even worse if upper management declared him to do so.  You could even call it entrapment.  These tape recordings were done without the coaches including head coach Mark Jacskon, not having a clue about it until they discovered the evidence.  So you have to wonder if this is the reason for the recent rumors regarding the possible departure of Mark Jackson.  Jackson is turning into a great coach and a clear asset as the leader of almost any team.  If he were to be let go it doesn't appear the reason would be because they in the 1st round of the playoffs again, if that even happens with the Clippers organization dealing with major outside issues about bad old Donald Sterling.

I don't know what was said on the recordings and I don't know what Darren Erman has done with the tapes.  Nor do I know if he was instructed to do so by a higher authority.  Possible someone trying to get evidence against another to use as fuel for future circumstances.  Now this is all speculation and hypothetical scenarios but it does make someone think.  I want to give Chris Broussard credit for breaking the story on ESPN and you can read his article here:


  1. That's any interesting story. Let's see if he gets fired after the playoffs. Good read.

  2. Mark Jackson is definitely undervalued. He has brought back this Warriors organization from the bottom and now they are one of the top tier teams in the league. It's unfortunate that if the Clippers win the series (I don't think they will, I think Golden State wins Games 5 & 6) he will likely be fired.

  3. Yea its a ridiculous situation but ill take him in new york