Toronto Raptors: Are you taking them seriously?

It's that litmus test time of year where the end of the regular season matters and teams are fighting for seeding and position to either get into or improve upon position heading into the NBA playoffs. As I scroll over a few box scores and look at the standings, I'm still in a tiny bit of shock that...A. The Raptors beat the fizzling Pacers and B. The Raptors are in the playoffs and looking to move as high as the No. 3 seed. No. 3 seed...RAPTORS...where did that come from? Alright, so they beat the pasties last night, 102-94 at home to improved to 44-32. Last season this team finished with a 34-48 record but they struggled on the road, going just 13-28. This year, they are 20-18.

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