Browns should bring home Santonio Holmes

It's no secret that the Cleveland Browns need some receiver help, however there's not that many options out there since the draft ended. An option that most fans always jump for is bringing home someone that is either from the state or that played for a school in the state. That's where Santonio Holmes steps in, currently he's a free agent with no where to call home. Guess what? He played for Ohio State and played for division rival Pittsburgh Steelers. Wouldn't that make everyone in Cleveland happy?

Unfortunately no since many fans always find a reason to complain. However, he has been known for big play ability in the past and at one point was a primary focus of offense. Since then he has fallen off the wagon quite a bit but was it his fault? Let's take a look at some stats...

Regular season
2012New York Jets442027213.6381000.00011
2011New York Jets16165165412.838T83279.023021
2010New York Jets12105274614.35262178.514022
2009Pittsburgh Steelers1616791,24815.8575362.070--
2008Pittsburgh Steelers15155582114.9485294.510041
2007Pittsburgh Steelers13135294218.18385173.411020
2006Pittsburgh Steelers1644982416.867T211313.013052
2010New York Jets32912714.1452000.00000
2008Pittsburgh Steelers321322617.4652273.54010
2007Pittsburgh Steelers1134916.3371000.00000

Back when he was with the Steelers he the best seasons of his career. Coincidence? I don't think so... He had Ben Roethlisberger throwing him the ball. When he left and went to the New York Jets his production fell way off. Most in part to injuries but also I think because of the quarterback play.  

This leads us to the Cleveland Browns who will be in need of someone with some big play ability but that's also used to being in that role. That's why Holmes fits the mold for them, we don't actually know how his health will hold but he did have the ability at one point in time. With limited options out there right now... what do the Browns have to lose? They should grab him so he can get used to the offense and they will be able to get a full camp to evaluate him before the season starts. Signing a player like Earl Bennett is not going to get the job done. 

What do you think? Should they take a chance on Holmes or is he washed up? Comment below!

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