Dwight Howard to Pacers?

The headline may be somewhat misleading because I doubt that the Houston Rockets who just signed Dwight Howard to a 4 year $88 million deal will want to trade the best big man in the game.  The only possibility of that happening would be a greater or equal to trade offer by a team willing to take on the average of $22 million that Howard will earn over the next 3 seasons.  Maybe the Pacers are up to the task!

It's been ever more evident watching this seasons playoffs that Roy Hibbert is not the big bad center many of us thought he was becoming after his performance during last years post season play.  Hibbert was supposed to set the "pace" of the game with his presence in the paint both offensively but especially defensively.  It's just not happening and at this point in his career after playing six seasons in Indiana.  He's relatively young as he'll be 28 years old at the end of this year but can he improve his game or more importantly remain consistent throughout the regular and post seasons?

Let's say hypothetically that the Pacers were to offer Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson for Dwight Howard....would you do it if you're a Rockets fan and do Pacers fans think that would be too much given Stephenson's athletic ability and the possibility of Hibbert becoming a force down low by the boards?  Maybe Kevin McHale and Hakeem Olajuwan can help Hibbert the way they are Howard and gain an athletic freak in Stephenson as well.  For the record Stephenson will be an unrestricted free agent so bare in mind that this is purely an example of where the Pacers franchise currently is and their immediate future after Miami knocks them out of the playoffs.

Looking at it from the Rockets standpoint there are several things you have to take into account.  First is that your team got knocked out of the playoffs rather easily in the 1st round.  It seems clear that Houston has a problem when it comes to that 3rd guy who can help you down the stretch.  You see it in Miami, OKC and San Antonio who happen to be the other 3 remaining playoff teams.  We hear the term "big 3" in basketball all the time because that formula has been proven to work over the past decade or more.  I mentioned the teams in this years playoffs but the Celtics and Lakers both had their big 3 guys as well.  Michael Jordan doesn't play anymore so the one man show is over, sorry LeBron.  Harden went to the NBA Finals with the Thunder as part of a big 3 with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  Hibbert and Stephenson aren't those guys but who knows.....

The Pacers have their star in Paul George.  But he needs help and it's not consistent aside from the leadership of David West.  The bottom line is that the Indiana Pacers need to find out if Hibbert has what it takes and shop him around in a package deal for a guy like Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, Zach Randolph and others on the NBA 2014-2015 free agent list.  Lance Stephenson's name appears on that list as well so the Pacers really need to start thinking about whether they need to rebuild or repair a team who is so close to reaching the ultimate goal.  What do you basketball fans think?


  1. There was no one-man show with MJ when it came to winning championships. When I clicked on the article I thought the idea was crazy, but then I realize that it makes a little sense but there is a problem: Hibbert's value is plummeting (you can't just count on Olajuwon to save him) and Stephenson is a restricted free agent. A sign and trade would be needed for him (with no outside teams trying to give him a deal, Pacers might not even match his deal). Houston would likely be looking at someone like Kevin Love anyway (which is hard to execute in itself as a trade) without giving away Howard (they'll likely do a sign and trade with Parsons and deal him, but the problem is that you can only do that during the free agency period and Love might be dealt to a team like Boston or Phoenix before the draft, (lottery teams have a better shot at Love anyway). I'll probably get into this further in another article about the Pacers ('I'm their biggest critic, I've written four critical articles about them these playoffs) but I think it's really interesting to think up the scenarios like a general manager. I like it. It's pretty fun.

    1. Thanks Chinwe. I'll just say that people were down on Howard when he was with the Lakers and everyone shut up this year. Yes, this is all difficult but I'm just pointing out what Indiana needs to do,

    2. Indy's pretty much stuck with Hibbert at this point. The only thing that looks visible for this team is Vogel being gone. I like Vogel but a Finals appearance was expected this year and he's not going to be able to get that done.