Josh Gordon: Players that need to step up

Josh Gordon is facing a year long suspension due him failing another drug test for marijuana. The whole situation is absolutely stupid and makes no sense especially since he knew this would come. After getting chance after chance to get his act together he seems to still not have a clue what it takes to be a professional. Instead of ranting on and on about Gordon's mistakes, Browns are building a team and one man will hurt but that's why others need to step it up. Let's take a look at some players that could step it up for the Cleveland Browns in his absence.

Jordan Cameron- Cameron gave us flashes of greatness last season, but he still has a lot to prove to be a consistent threat. He had amazing rapport with Brian Hoyer and I feel this will be the same. Even if Johnny Manziel were to play, Cameron being 6'5 250+ lbs will be a favorite target for a mobile rookie quarterback.



Andrew Hawkins- Hawkins is a speed guy that can take anything and make it a play. I expect to see him used often in certain bubble screens just to get him in the open field. Gordon was a home run hitter so the Browns will need that out of Hawkins. I expect to see the Browns try to stretch the field as well with him trying to make an effort to blow the top off of defenses. Signing Hawkins just impacted the Browns that much more without Gordon possibly being out there.


Ben Tate- The Browns will need a running game more now than ever. They went out and drafted Tate to be that guy that they have been missing for sometime. Running the ball will make it easier on the passing game establishing the play action and keeping defenses honest. Can Tate stay healthy? Browns thought about insurance at the running back position by grabbing a running back Terrance West who has a ton of potential but is still raw. However Shanahan just came from developing an Alfred Morris who was a late draft pick as well. 


Gordon screwed up bad and he also put his team in a whole to start the season right off the bat. It will be very intriguing to see what Shanahan tries to do with this offense since it will be missing its main player from the season prior.

What do you think? Did I miss somebody? Comment below!


  1. What about dion lewis. Will he be ready to step up since he missed an entire year. He looked good in preseason until the injury. And i think the defense should also step up even though were talking offense the defense needs to provide the offense more oppurtunities.

  2. I hope the Browns cut that selfish piece of sh@t gordon. He is nothing but rubbish.

  3. Thing is, the Cleveland KNEW about Gordon 2 weeks prior to the draft. Why didn't they go after Wilkins or Evans?

    1. They had folks on their board higher... They stuck to the process still plenty of time to add to receiver position

    2. shut ya mouth! Those picks were nice.