Phil Jackson Told Raymond Felton He would Be Traded.

Reports are coming out that say that Phil Jackson in the Knicks exit interview with Raymond Felton told Felton that he would be traded in the off season. Knick fans should jump for joy over this. He has not lived up to the 3 year 10 million dollar deal he received. As of right now, they owe Felton 2 years and 7.5 million. That will be a tough sell for the Knicks. There won't be many if any suitors lining up to grab him unless the package is sweetened with a young player like Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr, or a pick is involved.


Anonymous said...

Raymond Felton should've been monitored better by the Knicks staff. Now it may be to late to save the young man's career.(out of shape to much)

Paul Staley said...

Actually there scouts failed. He has been this way his whole career, isn't going to change. Knicks tend to do things like that.