Raptors Come Up Short, Nets Advance

Kyle Lowry walks off the court after their game 7 defeat.
Kyle Lowry missed his shot at the buzzer to win game 7 against the Nets and the Nets held on to take a 4-3 series win and advance to face Miami in the second round. Paul Pierce blocked the final shot of the game, after struggling through out.

''I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,'' Pierce said. ''I saw him split the defenders, I saw him go up, I went up with him. ''I got my hand on the ball - game over.''

Trailing by 1, Brooklyn used its last time out on an in bounds play.  On the second inbound attempt Shaun Livingston threw it to Pierce and Terrance Ross got his hand on the ball and threw it at Pierce to sail it out of bounds and get Toronto a shot at a win, which Lowry missed.

Lowry laid on the floor after the missed shot and him and DeRozan exchanged words as the Nets came on the court to celebrate. The Nets advance to face Miami in round 2, the Nets were 4-0 against them in the regular season. But 3 games at least 1 member of the big 3 was missing. Kevin Garnett dismissed their regular season record saying ''That goes out the window,'' he said. ''This is the postseason. They're playing very well. They went right through Charlotte without a beat and they have a lot of confidence.''

Miami swept Charlotte and has been waiting for the outcome of this series. The Nets and Heat will meet Tuesday for their game 1 opener in Miami. 

This was a valiant effort by the Raptors, who had one of the most successful seasons in franchise history. With a young group of guys, the future seems bright. Lowry, Vasquez and Patterson however all head to free agency, where Lowry will be priority number 1 to re-sign.

Good luck to Brooklyn in the second round. Congrats to the Raptors for an incredible season.

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