Welcome to Oakland: 2.0

 The Oakland Raiders are on the clock, dreams of a gloried past conjures aspirations of pride, commitment and passion. Long gone are the days of John Madden and Tim Brown, or the heart breaking Super Bowl loss, suffered to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2002 season.
 The stoic maverick and late owner Al Davis envisioned his beloved Raiders as being the pinnacle of the league defined by the speed, power and an ominous evil to dominate at all costs. Perception is an intrinsic trait that cannot be taught but felt, Mr. Davis exemplified this virtue and now, General Manager Reggie McKenzie controls the reigns of the Black and Silver. The 2014 free agent market carries a bevy of prospects and Oakland is supported by a handsome treasury of cap room; Reggie has performed magic that would make David Copperfield envious. Once imprisoned for over a decade of ineptitude, sponsored by grievances, gaffs and serious cap room restrictions, these demons have been immediately exercised by a rapture of free agents in desperate need to resurrect their careers and Oakland the impending suitor.
In filling a need at running back, Maurice Jones-Drew was signed to be a change of pace, back for the often injured Darren McFadden. Jones-Drew is short in stature but at 5’7”, 217 lbs, he is an exceptionally tough inside runner that has the quick feet to make the first defender miss.

Undervalued in Green Bay, wide receiver James Jones joins a young receiving core in desperate need of direction and veteran leadership. With great hands, route running, and a ferocious competitive nature that demands double coverage in passing situations, in layman’s terms,
James Jones is a straight up ‘beast’. With the trade of the erratic Terrell Pryor to Seattle, Oakland opted for Matt Schaub, after a less than stellar 2013 season where he threw 6 ‘pick 6’ interceptions to opposing defenses and managed an anemic 2,310 yards, 10 touchdowns with 14 interceptions; contributing to Schaub’s benching in Houston and eventually being traded to Oaktown. In all fairness, Matt Schaub had been a top NFL quarterback. In 2013, his lofty statistics registered 4008 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and only 12 interceptions; with a renewed vigor and a strong, steadied demeanor Matt, is ready to recapture the passer’s touch that led to his pro bowl calibre status.

 I’d be remiss if I didn't give a most honorable mention to the biggest defensive additions to the 2014 roster, former New York Giant and Super Bowl Champion, defensive end’s Justin Tuck, the 6’8, 268 lbs edge rusher and 6’2, 260 lbs LaMarr Woodley, a former Stallworth of the Pittsburgh Steelers, in combined talents presents the hammer strength to the newly formed front seven. The AFC West last season had three teams that made the 2013 playoffs, so to achieve such a goal for the Raiders this year, will be a tall order; not completely unattainable, but still an arduous task. Reggie McKenzie and The Raiders’ organization has done a remarkable job in the restoration of the Silver and Black pride, team and to Raider Nation as a whole. In the immortal words of Mr. Davis, “Just Win Baby”, the Oakland Raiders are poised to once again be the Bad Boys of the NFL and do just that.

 No Huddle: Quick look at the Raiders draft picks and grades

Raiders Draft Selections:

Khalil Mack LB                                                            
6’2”-256 lbs/ ROUND 1 PICK 5 (5)
University of Buffalo
Analysis: Maybe the best defensive player in the draft, fortunate to have him fall to them at 5
Grade: A+

David Carr QB
6’2”-214 lbs/ ROUND 2 PICK 4 (36)
Fresno St
Analysis: The best passer in the draft, quick release, good mobility and future starter
Grade: A

Gabe Jackson OG
6’3”-336 lbs/ ROUND 3 PICK 17 (81)
Mississippi State
Analysis: Tough, nasty disposition vs the run can play guard or right tackle but has struggled in blitz pick up
Grade: B

Justin Ellis DT
6'1" - 334 lbs/ ROUND 4 PICK 7 (107)
Louisiana Tech
Analysis: Can play 3 or 5 technique, able to plug up the middle and collapse the pocket
Grade: B+

Keith McGill CB, 6’3”-214 lbs, Utah, 4th RD 16th pick , Travis Carrie CB, 6’ 206 lbs Ohio 7th RD 4th pick, Shelby Harris DE, 6’2” 288 lbs , Illinois St , 7th RD 20th pick, Keith Dowling 6’3” 190 lbs, Western Kentucky 7th RD 32 pick

Final Analysis: Raiders 2014 draft grade gets an A, they've addressed the WR needs with undrafted FA’s


  1. Great article,paints a promising future, only concern is will this team be allowed to stay together long enough to play up to it's potential. Paperwork looks nice;re;"PRIDE&POISE AND JUST WIN BABY" RAIDER4LIFE