Browns: Hoyer thinks Hawkins is Wes Welker

The Cleveland Browns have experienced receiver trouble early with Josh Gordon dominating the headlines for his failed drug test and most recently his speeding ticket incident. A "small" ray of hope still remains however with this corp of receivers. Miles Austin, Earl Bennett and new addition Andrew Hawkins. Rumors from the training sessions that's been going on has been that Hawkins continues to impress coaches and players alike with his professionalism and athletic ability.

Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel whomever starts will need all the help they can get from this crop. As of right now it looks like Andrew Hawkins is primed for a breakout season with his new team. Taking a look at Hawkins previous stats it shouldn't be that hard for him to eclipse these numbers in his new role...


Actually a few teammates had somethings to say about Hawkins and what he brings on the field (Courtesy of

Cornerback Justin Gilbert had this to say... 
"I'd rather guard (Josh) Gordon than him,'' the No. 8 overall pick said. "He's so little and quick. Those guys are hard to get a handle on. He's out there making plays every day.''

Hoyer had high praise as well actually comparing him to a dynamic receiver in the NFL... 
"The one guy I like more and more every day I work with is Andrew Hawkins," Hoyer said. "The guy runs his routes so hard. It reminds me a lot of my time in New England with Welker, where the guy runs every route to win. He's going full blast. You see him out there and you can tell when he walks back to the huddle, he gave his all on every play. He's just a competitor, and I think the more guys you get like that, the better your team becomes."

Hawkins actually was very modest in his comments when he found out about what his teammates had to say about him...
"I'm flattered,'' said Hawkins, tied for shortest player on the team with fourth-year cornerback Isaiah Trufant. "Those are two great players. When you come to a new team, you want to impress the players around you because those are the guys that see it first. If those guys are in the media saying I was terrible, that wouldn't bode well for my future. But I'm learning. It's the beginning stages. I still have a whole lot of work to do, but that is definitely a compliment from those guys."

As far as the Welker comparisons he said...
"Wes Welker is one of those guys that I've looked up to my entire career, so that in itself is a compliment,'' said Hawkins. "I don't know if I'm Wes Welker yet, but I appreciate the compliment. Coming from my background and situations where you don't get a lot of opportunities, you take every opportunity like it's your last and after a while it becomes second nature. So that's just how I work and how I do things.''

Hawkins will definitely have to do as much as he can... this Cleveland Browns offense will need him. The offense has been at the bottom of the league ever since they were reestablished in 1999. The only year they did well was in 2007 being lead by Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr.

How do you feel about the addition of Hawkins? Will it take this team to a new level? Is it just another overblown player that won't pan out? Please comment below with your opinion...


  1. I remember seeing him in Cincinnati and he was an explosive player in limited action. They seemed to want to get the ball to Green and Hawkins was underutilized. Sounds like the Browns made a great free agent pick up

  2. hawkins is a freak of nature....if he stays healthy he will rack up some yards

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