Cleveland Browns: Gordon double edged sword

We all know that Josh Gordon has dominated headlines with his bone headed decision making. While Cleveland fans wait in limbo to find out the fate of the troubled receiver... reports have surfaced saying that the previous regime wanted to trade Gordon. Frankly no one cares what they were going to do because they all were fired but it's very interesting that Gordon has put this franchise in a difficult situation.

When does talent stop superseding the problems off the field?

As I mentioned previously reported that Banner and Lombardi wanted to trade Gordon...
As a practical matter, Gordon likely wasn't traded in part because of the short-term reaction to the decision to trade 2012 first-round running back Trent Richardson, a decision vindicated by Richardson’s performance in Indy, and by the fact that the extra first-round draft pick became, following a four-spot trade up, quarterback Johnny Manziel. The passage of time (and urine) would have eventually vindicated the trade of Gordon, even though the move would not have been applauded by fans if it had been made.
They received offers but apparently none were good enough...
The best offer for Gordon was a second-round pick and players. Any, some, or all of that compensation would have been more productive that what the Browns may get from Gordon in 2014 and beyond — quite possibly, nothing.

As much scrutiny that Lombardi and Banner received, I happen to think that they were on to something with trading Gordon back then. To be frank, Gordon is a multiple offender and as long as he is in the NFL anytime that he violates the policy he will be up for a year suspension. That's a terrible feeling to have especially when that is possibly the best player on your team.

Gordon had the chance to make magic this season with either Hoyer or Manziel at the quarterback position. Unfortunately it seems that fans may have to wait for that magic or may not get a chance to ever see it. I'm pretty sure fans are just waiting for the verdict to come down from the NFL especially because we just saw Daryl Washington of the Arizona Cardinals get his suspension and many others.

To supplement for losing Josh Gordon... the Browns have made moves by bringing in Miles Austin and Earl Bennett. Don't be surprised to see the Browns make some more moves as teams gear up for training camps that's when a ton of teams will be cutting players and many will be looking for a home.

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