Draft Targets: Charlotte Bobcats

The Charlotte Bobcats had a surprise year this year and made the playoffs. However once there they were swept by the eventual Eastern Conference champions, Miami Heat. Charlotte has a great defense, problem is they can't score to save their lives outside of Al Jefferson. Currently the Cats select 9th and 24th overall in this years draft.

Who to look at, at # 9:

Marcus Smart: PG, Oklahoma State:

Profile: If he falls to 9 scoop him up, the kid has a solid all around offensive game and has a knack for the drive and kick when he draws multiple defenders and draws fouls. Kemba Walker is good, but is he really the franchise guy? Smart could even be used as a shooting guard at times. Although his 3pt shot is not where it needs to be.

Projection: He's prob gone to the Lakers.

Zack LaVine: PG/SG UCLA

Profile: Kid is a legit athlete, I mean rediculous. He recorded a 44" in vertical the other day (with a running start) the highest I have ever heard of. He is also a good shooter, and creates space well. He needs to add bulk however and he pulls up for too many jumpers. That could be because of the lack of size as he gets knocked off balance when he does go into the paint. His IQ needs to improve as well. Did I just describe Russell Westbrook or LaVine?

Projection: Take him at 9, kid will have a great career.

Players at # 24 overall:

Glen Robinson III: SF, Michigan:

Profile: Can drive with both hands, he's ambidextrous and has a high motor. Good lateral quicks and long arms help him on defense. Needs to work on his ball handling and his 3pt shooting is average.

Projection: They may pass on him but he should be available and is worth a look.

TJ Warren: SF NC State:

Profile: Fantastic scorer and has great instincts for the game, in other words he goes where it is easiest to score. Works well on and off the ball, comes off screens and pulls up and converts shots well. Good effort on D, but needs help in this area due to the fact he doesn't really have a defined position at 6'8" and 220lbs. He's too slow for SF, and too short for PF.

Projection: Take him! Kid can score and puts forth effort on D. However he may struggle there at the next level. I think its time to call the Michael Kidd-Gilchrist experiment off and use him as a defensive wing player off the bench. The cats need scoring on the wing for Big Al, the kid fits that need. It's the smart move for a team headed in the right direction.


  1. Haha they technically are not the Hornets until next season starts.