Tennessee Titans: Time to Pump Brakes On Bishop Sankey Hype Train?

Is it time to pump the brakes on the Bishop Sankey hype train? Bear with me for a minute. Depending on who you asked, Sankey was either the darling or the punching bag of the “draft community” prior to the 2014 NFL Draft. A highly touted and highly productive running back out of Washington, Sankey was projected to go anywhere between the 2nd and 4th rounds of the draft.

The Titans made Sankey the first running back taken off the board when they selected him in the second round at pick number 54. After releasing Chris Johnson it was no surprise the Titans were in the market for a running back and Sankey was one of the few quality potential every down backs available in this year’s draft. Sankey joins a crowded backfield.

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