Cleveland Browns: Josh Gordon Didn't Exhale

We all remember when former President Bill Clinton famously said that he didn't inhale when referring to a question regarding his past marijuana use.  It was the punchline of many jokes for a while but I'm not sure Josh Gordon's camp saying the same thing in a way will be the brunt of too many jokes for that long. 

Gordon's legal team plans to use the second hand smoke marijuana defense in court as the star wide receiver faces a possible year long suspension after a laundry list of prior relevant complications like being charged with a DWI.  It's not so funny because the young man appears to have a serious drug/alcohol problem and anyone who has walked in those shoes will tell you that the soles of your feet get used to that ground and want to stay in the land of drug abuse disease.  And don't be fooled, it is a disease once you become addicted.

But for Gordon's legal advisers to even conceive of the notion that second hand smoke marijuana will account for his failed drug test is ludicrous.  I've read that he was barely over the "intoxication barometer" when tested but so what?!  He failed the test, it could have been weeks after his last puff when he got tested and/or the fact that he has a bunch of previous allegations, accusations and arrests on his record already that he can't afford to put himself in these situations.

Even if it's actually true that he tested positive because of second hand smoke, which sounds insane anyway and pleading that way may be his best option at this point, it shows the NFL, the Cleveland Browns and football fans all over the world that Josh Gordon is hanging with the wrong people.  Most people believe that and additionally say that Gordon himself has a drug abuse problem which has been highly publicly stated on several occasions.  I hope his lawyers are better than that because if second hand smoke is their defense then they will have to defend Gordon's company as well and bring in other names in which I'd doubt that Josh would "rat out" his buddies.  

This whole story is abnormal and I felt the need to express my feelings about it.  Please comment if you have something to say on this topic.


  1. As a former employee for a drug testing company, our standard testing method was far more logical. We divided a single sample into 2 parts and if one part tested above or close to the allowed ng/ml we tested the second part and used the average as a representation of the entire sample. In this case if part A was 16 and part B was 13.6 the the ng/ml of the entire sample is 14.8 putting him below the allowed 15 ng/ml.

    1. very interesting facts and helpful information. thank you!

  2. They do DUI's in Canada the same way. 2 Breath samples, they dont average though they take the lower #.