Cleveland Browns: Why is Everyone Throwing the Book at Gordon

Regarding all of Josh Gordon's off-the-field issues, I'm far more concerned about his arrest for suspected DWI last night than I am any of the (Drug) problems, be it at Utah, Baylor and with the Browns.
DWI is no joke and I'm actually kind of relieved that Gordon was pulled over with an alleged (.09) blood alcohol content now, rather than pulled out of a car after crashing into an innocent family or person crossing the street and getting in his way. 
    People are going out of the way to label this young persona as a bad dude and someone that seriously needs to get some help. Others are suggesting that he will never play for the Browns again and may never suit up in the NFL again.
    Are you kidding me?
    Guys that are 6-feet-3, 225 lbs that are coming off a year with 1646 yards and nine touchdowns with a garbage QB crew in Cleveland aren't exactly falling out of the sky you know.

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