Did the Knicks REALLY Offer Melo a Max Contract?

I am not someone that has any sources to this (whether real or imaginary sources).   I’m simply using common sense to connect the dots and form my own theory as to what’s REALLY going on with the Carmelo Anthony free agent tour and where the Knicks come into play.
I do not believe that the Knicks offered Melo a max contract.
For full disclosure, I’m a cynic by nature.  I question everything.     I do not take anything on face value.    So anytime there’s any type of report or rumor in the sports world revolving around a ‘source’ about a trade, free agent acquisition, coach hiring/firing etc.,  for better or worse my mind automatically detects that it isn’t true, and the task is then up to me to put my own pieces together to figure out where the truth is.
Four days ago when the reports surfaced that the Knicks offered Melo a max contract , which goes in contrast to what we were led to believe Phil  Jackson and co. were planning to do, my antenna was raised and I immediately assumed something was fishy about it.
Less than 48 hours later, a report surfaces that the Lakers are now in ‘serious contention’ to land Melo.   I have to admit, THIS story more than any other led to uncontrollable laughter over the circus nature of NBA free agency.   The shenanigans just have no limit.
So let’s start with my crazy ass theory:   Ill start by first posing two key questions.    1.  Why would the Lakers be a serious destination for Melo, and 2.  Who is leaking the information about the Lakers being in ‘serious contention’ to land him.
Written by @CoopInPhilly on Twitter 

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