Has Aaron Rodgers Left Your Neighborhood?

I certainly respect Ron Jaworski as a former player and current analyst but he like many have forgotten who the best quarterback in the NFL is right now.  It's Aaron Rodgers!

Sure you can argue it with Peyton Manning who broke every significant single season passing record just last year at the age of 37.  You can tell me that Tom Brady is the best in the league because he does more with less.  Some will even toss Drew Brees into the conversation because he's a passing machine and throws for 5,000 yards in his sleep during his NyQuil commercials.  But this is still Aaron Rodgers neighborhood.

It's funny how quickly people forget how great a player is when he gets hurt for a while.  Rodgers missed 7 games last year and the Packers record suffered as a result of it, yet managed to make the playoffs in a mediocre NFC North division.  Despite Rodgers magic in the post season, they lost to the 49ers in Green Bay because the Swiss cheese defense was on the field for the Pack.  Rodgers led his offense to win 3 of the last 4 games to win the division despite the defense giving up an average of over 30 points a game.

Don't forget that Greg Jennings was in a Minnesota Vikings uniform, Randall Cobb only played in 6 games and Jordy Nelson was fighting through various injuries all season long.  If not for Eddie Lacy the Aaron Rodgers would have had absolutely nothing.  Yet, he was still able to come back from his own injury and lead his team to another division title.

Okay if you're a stat guy and scream from the mountain top that Peyton Manning is still the best quarterback in football even at the ripe old age of 38, well you're wrong...but you're close.  I'd say he's 2nd behind Rodgers and in my opinion if Rodgers were under center for the Broncos then the outcome of last years Super Bowl may have been different.

I believe Aaron Rodgers is easily the best quarterback in the NFL.  This is no slap in the face to Manning, Brady, Brees or anyone else.  Here's those stats you were looking for:

Since taking over for the legend of Brett Favre at QB, Rodgers has thrown 187 TD's against only 51 INT's.  That's nearly a 4:1 ratio!  He turned in a few of the greatest single seasons a quarterback has ever had like in 2011 when he threw for 45 TD's and a measly 6 picks with 4,643 yards in the air.  That's absolutely ridiculous, I don't care what the rules are.  That season he didn't even play in the regular season finale when Matt Flynn threw for 6 touchdowns against the Lions.  If that were Rodgers he would have broke the single season record at the time.

The year after in 2012 he had 39 TD's and 8 INT's.  Geez what a down year huh!  Please.  And guys it's not all about the numbers.  If you like football or love it and understand how the game is played and what individual talents can bring to the table, then watching Aaron Rodgers play quarterback is poetry in motion.

He's smooth as he eludes pass rushers, all the while with his eyes down the field knowing where all of his eligible receivers are.  He always looks to pass first and his accuracy is off the charts.  Not to mention he can throw a perfect spiral as far down the field as any QB in the league.  If nobody is open then he can do something that Manning, Brady and Brees can only dream of.  And that's scrambling around to extend a play to get a receiver open or simply rushing for 10, 20, 30+ yards gains with tremendous athletic ability.

Before Rodgers got hurt last season, nearly every analyst, fan and player ranked Rodgers #1 and was even the first pick in some fantasy football drafts, a spot usually reserved for running backs.  I understand that Peyton may have had the greatest single season of all time so naturally he'll get the bulk of the attention.  But I'm telling you now, Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL and everyone will remember that as the 2014 season progresses.  Hec
k it may take one game where he throws 5 TD's and 400 yards on opening day.  Just wait, watch and see!


  1. This is where we disagree. Aaron Rodgers is not good, he's great. He's a stud. No disrespect to him whatsoever. I like your points, especially the one about those TDs and INTs. His 2011 MVP season is up there with Brady's 2007 season (50 and 8) and this past year for Manning.

    But Peyton Manning to me is the GOAT. His mentality, his leadership, his precision, his accuracy is at the moment, above all the others, and I'm not saying Rodgers isn't smart. He is. Rodgers has gotten all the quarterback intangibles that you want, and that you've listed. But right now, Manning's at the top of the hill and it's going to take a letdown from him in order to make that happen. He's the MVP.

    1. Yup disagree. I love Peyton but he folds in big moments too often and I don't blame him for the SB loss last year but where was he? Besides that a healthy, younger Rodgers is the best right now in my opinion. All time Peyton has Rodgers easily.