Is EJ Manuel Ready to Lift the Bills Out of the Cellar

       For Bills fans who have gotten used to 6-10 in each of the last three seasons, there is nowhere to go but up.
       While the 2013 NFL QB class was by no means an elite group, (Geno Smith and Mike Glennon were decent), Bills QB EJ Manuel was the first and only QB taken in the first round last year. That first year was mired with the knee injury that really hampered the development of Manuel, who played in only ten games. 
    While his 58 percent completion percentage and 1972 yards with 11 td's and nine interceptions wasn't terrible, his QBR of 42.3 put him at No. 28 in the NFL.
    Let's not forget this guy played all four years at Florida State and put up some pretty athletic stats from the QB position - 3397 yards, 23 td's and 10 int's. 
     The best friend of any young quarterback is certainly a solid running game and a great defense.
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