Jets Eric Decker: Fantasy Stud or System Receiver

 At last year's Stone-D fantasy draft party I was sitting there in the late rounds trying to scrounge up some talent.
     It's the 10th round and I see that Greg Jennings of the Vikings is still on the board. Having seen him perform in Green Bay with some outrageous numbers, I happily placed the little sticker on the board sure that I had just blown everyone's mind.
    In unison, three of my mates said, "System Receiver",
   "No way I said, you watch, he's gonna go off."
    I'm still waiting Greg Jennings. 
   Yes, I was tantalized by the 1265 yards and 12 td's from Jennings in 2010. 
   With Minnesota I got 804 yards and 4 td's.
   The guys were right, Greg Jennings is a system receiver who benefited from playing with one of the game's best QB in Aaron Rodgers.
    Toss him in at Minnesota, with a garbled QB situation and he's just another NFL receiver. 
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