Los Angeles: The Lonesome Lakers

I love Laker fans!
Yesterday after the news swirled around that LeBron had signed with Cleveland and Bosh was going back to Miami, my Laker buddies were still intent that Carmelo was coming to L.A.
"UHHHHH, Carmelo has narrowed his choices to the Bulls and the Knicks," I said.
  "I don't care, he's coming" my buddy said. 
  No he's not, and neither is anyone else good!
And it got even worse after my conversation with the White Mamba last night.
  Pau Gasol has reportedly turned down a two-year deal from the Los Angeles Lakers worth more than $10 million per season, according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski
       Just for my Laker buddies, that doesn't mean he's absolutely not coming back to the Lakers, it just means that he's 99.9 percent sure he's not because he wants to play for a contender and he's tired of the Lakers dangling him as trade bait and reducing his minutes and complaining about his style of play meshing with Dwight Howard, this from a lame duck coach in Mike D'Antoni. 
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Anonymous said...

The Lakers are a mess. What once was is no longer. Management has no identity. They should have sent Mitch on his way and kept Phil Jackson.