New Orleans Saints: Jimmy Graham the Best WR in Fantasy Football

    The whole Jimmy Graham and the whether he was a tight end argument was simply one of the biggest wastes of time in sports history.
   Who cares what his classification is, what are his receiving numbers gonna look like? (I'm sure for the Graham camp and for every tight end in college and the NFL, the ruling was a big deal).
    As I head to the war-room that is my fantasy football draft, slated for Aug. 30, I gotta say I'm not paying attention to Jimmy Graham's position, I'm paying attention to his productivity.
Note: In my league you are not mandated to draft a tight end. Tight ends in our league are simply treated as wide receivers, so keep that in mind as I spill forth my argument. 
So, I can't help but look at those stats that Saints tight-end, Jimmy Graham put up last season. They are tantalizing and damn near mouth watering, when you look at them and the endless fantasy football possibilities that having him on your team creates.
Jimmy Graham 2013 - 86 catches, 1215 yards and 16 td's.
I that's not enough for you, thinking he had a big year, and that's it, let's examine 2012 and 2011. 
2011 - 99 catches, 1310 yards and 11 td's.
2012 - 85 catches, 932 yards and 9 td's. 
   Couple thoughts on Graham's stats and the different fantasy leagues that are out there.
   I'm all about creating advantages at certain positions.
  If you're looking for a 5-8 point advantage in a tight-end league, I say take him in the 2nd or 3rd round. (If you're one of those old-school guys that thinks the strategy is all about going rb/rb, well, good for you...Have fun watching the game pass you by). 
So where does he stack up among the elite receivers.  Read the full article by Richard Winter

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