News Flash Cleveland Lebron James came home but not for you!

After many weeks of speculation and absolute chaos, Lebron James has chosen to return back to where he started his career... Cleveland Cavaliers. Many people thought it wouldn't happen and many people thought it would happen. At the end of the day he's back... but let's be honest... it wasn't because of Cleveland. It was for Akron! A small city that is no more than 40 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio its population is only 198,000 back in 2012 compared to 390,000 that resides in Cleveland. This small town is the only reason that Lebron James returned.

Lebron broke the news through SI (Sports Illustrated) of his return, in a very touching letter. Anyone who has a heart it would have touched. I saw complete Lebron haters come to their knees expressing that they couldn't hate against his thoughts and how he handled it this time around. I have to absolutely agree, even though I was on pins and needles throughout the entire time. I am very proud of him and how he has grown and matured. Many other celebrities and personality types agreed...

What many people need to realize including Cleveland fans. Many of us from Akron, Ohio was raised on rooting for Cleveland Sports. It was the closet location to us and really that is what the majority of everyone was doing. A lot of my family and friends that are still living in that area, have battled with me. When Lebron left... I still rooted for Cleveland, and battled often with them for rooting for another team. It never occured to me how ungrateful this teams fans could actually be.

Lebron James signed with Cleveland today...

Once the story broke everyone instantly erupted... fans started bashing this man again... non fans started cracking jokes already. As I sat back and pondered... I got instantly mad and sent out a tweet myself...

Lebron is a smart business man, he has positioned himself to make a ton of money in the future because of the new TV agreement in the NBA. Don't take my word for it however...

I'm really starting to ponder whether the curse of Cleveland has been because of us not having the talent for Championship teams or because these fans are so quick to turn their backs without assessing the entire situation. One thing is clear... I have fought tooth and nail my entire life trying to defend why I'm a Cleveland fan. It has been tough as you can imagine... but finally with the arrival of Lebron it seems like fortune might of changed. This is not me guaranteeing a championship but if only for a brief moment Ohio not Cleveland is a lot happier. For all you "Die Hard" Cleveland fans... let me tell you a secret... Lebron James is the best thing to ever happen to you. Don't take him for granted, read his letter because if you do, you will realize... LEBRON JAMES didn't come back because of you!

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  1. Use proper grammar next time. ''Was raised" on Cleveland sports?

  2. This is a man speaking from the heart and mind. Well done.

  3. Anonymous... your always welcome to stop being anonymous and come write... it kills me how everyone tries to pick apart grammar all the time. It's always some negativity... smh always something.


  5. Their is no sportologist here! This article is a bunch of BullSh..! Just his personal feelings on Cleveland fans which he obviously knows sh.. about! He's speaking from his heart and mind my a.. stop hating so hard hater;)