Philadelphia Eagles: Can Nick Foles do it Again

I still can't help but going ga-ga over Nick Foles' stats from 2013.
The 27 td's with the two int cherry on top catches my attention for Fantasy Football  purposes, but with the loss of DeSean Jackson and defenses having an off-season to figure out how to defend Chip Kelly's offense under the direction of this Foles fella have him tumbling back to QB mediocrity?  
Let's take a look at the stats. Even though Foles had those big numbers, he played only 13 games so his numbers could have been gigantic. (They were in fact helped by that monstrous TD day against my Oakland Raiders). 
2013 -
Passing - 2891 yards (64 percent completion) with 27 Td's and 2 int's and a QBR rating through the roof. 
Rushing - 221 yards (4.4 avg) with 3 td's and two fumbles. 
   Let's project those numbers out to 16 games.
Projections (16 games) - 3558 yards, 33 td's and a 3rd int with 272 rushing yards.
    I love the efficiency and I love that touchdown to int ratio, but I'm not loving Nick Foles as my starting QB and neither are the 'experts'

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