Pittsburgh Steelers: Any Gas Left in Big Ben's Tank?

Man the Pittsburgh Steelers were bad to start last season. As bad as they were, they were still sneaking up on the playoffs and eventually fell just one game back.
  Sneaking up, that's exactly how I feel about some of the athletes on this Steelers roster, including QB, Ben Roethlisberger. 
Toss out the 14 interceptions from last season, many of them early in the year, and Big-Ben had a hell of a year. 
2013 Stats: 4261 yards, (64.2 percent completion percentage), 28 td's and 14 int's.
The 4,261 yards was the 2nd highest of his career (4328, 2009) and the 28 td's was the 2nd highest total of his career (32 in 2007). 
So, if Ben Roethlisberger, by all accounts a pretty good fantasy QB, is coming off the 2nd best year of his career, why is there not love for the man from the Fantasy 'Experts'. 
What the big boys are saying:

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