Richard Sherman Bitter About Patrick Peterson's Contract

Like the NFL has said, wanted and got year round coverage with the old saying is that pro football doesn't have an off-season.  This used to apply more to the coaching staff as they have "office jobs" when they're not roaming the sidelines.  Players say that at the pro level the NFL doesn't have an off-season either because they have to train/stay in shape and report to OTA's, training camps and whatever team events may be going on.  But now the off-season in the NFL is about Twitter wars and Richard Sherman constantly finds himself on one side of the army.

Sherman speaks and types his mind as made famous in the NFC West with his ongoing dispute with wide receiver Michael Crabtree of the 49ers.  Sherman is at it again going after players in the NFL like he did with Crabtree and the taunting of Tom Brady a couple of years ago by rhetorically asking the future hall of fame quarterback "you mad bro" after his Seahawks beat the Brady Bunch with Sherman emphatically expressing his feelings after the game right in Brady's face.  Is this just a competitive man or someone who just can't keep his trap shut?

Richard Sherman is a star cornerback in the NFL and perhaps the league's best DB overall.  He's also a smart kid who talks the talk and walks the walk.  He can and has certainly backed up what he's said in the past.  But his last Twitter battle is not one in which he can, he can only lose.  One of the many unwritten rules in sports is that you don't talk about other players money and/or contracts publicly.  You don't mess with someone else's money especially if that contract full of dollar signs can potentially help your cause.

Statistically Sherman is ahead of Peterson in the major defensive back categories, so the leader of The Legion of Boom has the upper hand there.  But Peterson pointed out that Sherman plays off coverage often in Seattle's defensive scheme while Peterson shadows the oppositions best WR in close range bum coverage.  Sherman then tweeted out a picture of his Super Bowl ring to basically end the discussion because a picture is worth a thousand words anyway, therefore Sherman's intelligence enabled him to find a loophole through the limited 140 characters you're allowed to type on Twitter.

Sherman believes and is probably correct when he says he's the best corner in the league and the best usually get paid the most money.  In this case Peterson blows Sherman out of the Pacific Ocean water by signing a 5 year, $70 million extension with the Cardinals while the Sherminator makes $56 million over 4 years.  If you haven't grabbed a calculator yet I'll just tell you that both of those contract numbers equal the exact same amount which is $14 million a year.

So what's up with Sherman?  Too much beef jerky has got him beefing with players even more.  Well I guess it's the guaranteed money of $48 million Peterson will receive from the franchise and the incredibly high ego of Sherman who believes he's better than Peterson or any other corner in the league for that matter.  It bothers Richard Sherman that Patrick Peterson is the highest paid cornerback in NFL history and everyone knows it.  It's a slap in the face to him even after the Seahawks gave Sherman a ton of cash prior to Peterson's deal.

As a San Francisco 49ers fan I pay very close attention to the NFC West division including the St. Louis Rams.  I've watched both Sherman and Peterson since they came into the NFL in 2011.  Peterson was highly coveted entering the draft while Sherman remained a relative unknown to those who don't follow college football religiously.  Peterson was the 5th overall pick while Sherman was the 154th player selected in the 2011 NFL draft.  I think it's safe to say and even assume that Peterson was under the microscope and watched very closely by NFL analysts looking to critique his game because that comes with the territory of being the 5th overall pick as a cornerback.  But that's just the thing...he's more than a cornerback and Richard Sherman needs to throw on some tape to understand what kind of pressure the Cardinals corner was going through due to his high status and being billed as the next Deion Sanders.

Well he's not quite Prime Time but then again who really is?!  Like I said I've watched both of these players as individuals and how they fit into their defensive systems.  Patrick Peterson is the kind of cornerback like Aqib Talib in which he'll follow the best pass catching threat all game long in one on one man coverage.  He's a tough kid too and very physical when he chooses to be.  He's your classic shadow corner.

Peterson can fit in any system given his coverage ability.  Richard Sherman is more like Darrelle Revis over the past few years where they would stay on one side of the field in a man/zone coverage scheme where both players knew they had help over the top and Sherman had about as good of help as you can ask for with the secondary that Seattle has out on the field.  Make no mistake though, Sherman is fantastic and plays his position in that system as well as any player at any position in the game.  But Sherman has had a better supporting cast around him and isn't asked to do as much as Peterson.  Patrick Peterson was becoming Prime Time as he would return punts and kick offs and often took it to the house or set his offense up in solid field position.

I don't know who's better between the two.  You have to add Joe Haden, Darrelle Revis, Aqib Talib and maybe a couple others into the best cornerback in the league discussion.  All I know is that Richard Sherman does his job for the Seahawks as close to perfection as possible.  Patrick Peterson isn't perfect either but his athletic ability is off the charts and is the cornerstone of the franchise now.  The Cardinals brought in Special Teams return man Ted Ginn Jr. to try and take the load off Peterson's shoulders and allow him to concentrate more on playing defense and not wondering if the next punt return is going for six.  Both Sherman and Peterson are 2 of the top corners in the game and we're splitting hairs when debating who's the better player.  It's even tougher because they play in completely different defensive systems.  If I had to pick one guy though, I'd take Peterson because I believe he's more versatile.


  1. I wrote an article on this a month of two ago. I don't even think Sherman is in the discussion as a man-to-man corner, but as an overall DB he is. As the overall football player, it's not even close.

    1. Great article man. You see how smart we are! Haha