San Diego Chargers Keenan Allen a Fantasy Stud?

Was yacking with my good buddy, sad an pouty White Mamba, and he told me he had seen something on Facebook the other day ranking the top 2nd year wide-receivers in the NFL.
  The list he saw did not have Chargers 2nd year guy Keenan Allen on it.
  Ok, whoever put that list together needs to have their head examined.
  I know the whole world is high on Vikings 2nd year guy Cordarrelle Patterson, but he's with the Vikings and they have QB issues and an offensive coordinator in Norv Turner that I'm not exactly high on. 
    Allen had a terrific career at Cal, but had a knee injury late in his junior year. He turned pro and while he started a little slowly for the Chargers, he emerged as Philip Rivers' go-to guy in the second half. 
2013 stats: 71 catches for 1042 yards and eight scores. 

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