Tennessee Titans: Bishop Sankey Could be a Fantasy Steal

   Don't ya just love evaluating rookie players for a potential landing spot on your Fantasy Football roster?
     Miss with a pick and you're saddled with a lonesome loser for six months.
  I have several rules about rookies on my Fantasy Football squad.
1. I ain't taking a QB, PERIOD!
2. I usually won't take a rookie wide receiver until late just because it takes rookie WR's a moment to catch up to the speed of the game and run routes confidently and at full speed with the amount of information and nuances they have to learn. (I'm seriously waving my rules on this for Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans.
3. Running back in my estimation is the most seamless transition into the NFL and a good rookie RB is likely to step right in and do some nice things.
  Stats in college don't always tell the whole story:
2013 Bishop Sanky - 327 carries, 1870 yards and 20 td's, receiving 28 catches, 304 yards and 1 score. If I could take those numbers and put them in as my No. 1 pick, I'd do it...CHAMPIONSHIP!
 But, of course, we know those numbers aren't gonna fly.
Although I think the 'experts' are too much of a bunch of wussies to do anything but pick low, let's have a look at them.
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