Why Drafting RGIII as Your Fantasy QB is Smart

     I've made my disdain for the running QB in the NFL plainly known. While I'd still rather have Peyton Manning as my starting fantasy QB, I am intrigued by the possibilities that RG3 brings to the table.
     815 of those reasons to be exact.
    So, two seasons ago, Robert Griffin exploded into the NFL. While his passing stats were solid, (3200 yards, (65 percent completion), 20 td's and 5 int's, I can't get over looking at those 800 yards rushing with seven Touchdowns.
Note: (When I'm referring to where to draft a QB in fantasy football, I'm referring to the scoring system in my league which is as follows.)
QB - 6 points for a td pass or run, 1 point for every 25 yards passing with bonus points starting to accumulate at 300 yards. For better or worse, that's how we score it. Rushing QB's get six points for a rushing TD and 1 point for every ten yards rushing (which comes up big in my argument for drafting RG3. 
In my league Peyton Manning is projected to score 464 points, RG3 posed to get 347.5.
   To put that into perspective as to why QB's are often drafted highly in my league, Jamaal Charles is projected to get 260 points, Calvin Johnson 225. 

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