Why is Derrick Rose Playing for Team USA?

This is a loaded question with many variables and simply one answer as to whether or not Derrick Rose should be playing basketball for Team USA in the FIBA World Cup.  The answer in my opinion is an emphatic no!

Why on earth would his agent, Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau or even Mike Krzyzewski allow Rose to have a chance at making the roster and participate in the FIBA World Cup.  I must explain why I believe he shouldn't touch a basketball unless he's practicing his jumper at his home or in a Chicago Bulls uniform at their own team practices.  Isn't that where his focus should be after only playing in 49 regular season games for the Bulls over the past 3 seasons?  I would think so and working with his new teammates should be top priority in an Eastern Conference where many consider them the favorite.  That is if Derrick Rose is healthy.

That brings me to the laundry list of reasons that I will bullet point for you to make it quick and easy to understand why Rose shouldn't be anywhere near Las Vegas practicing for Team USA at their training facility.

  • Players love to show off when they get together every 4 years as a full team unlike the all star game so egos will be prevalent with every dribble, pass and shot taken.  
  • The players invited to camp and accept the invitation want to play and make the team so they're going to play just about as hard as if they were going out for their High School team.
  • These are the best of the best in the NBA and with the most important eyes in the sport watching them the players will try to get recognized even more, even at the expense of others even though they're teammates.  This event is only every 4 years and the USA expects to win the Gold Medal every time since being embarrassed in the late 90's, early 2,000's as the best of the best refused to play for the country and chose team over FIBA.  This is NOT the Olympics.
  • Rose has nothing to prove regarding his skill level.  The only thing he needs to prove is that he can play a full season and be the MVP caliber player he was back in 2011.  
  • It's obvious that the more you play ball the more likely you are to get injured.  In Rose case it doesn't take that long unfortunately.  So why put himself at risk?  It's not as if Team USA needs Rose that bad in order to blow away the international competition again.
  • With LeBron back in Cleveland, the Eastern Conference is now wide open.  With Thibodeau's defensive scheme and Joakim Noah anchoring the defense & boards, the talent of Rose, Gasol, young Jimmy Butler and Kirk Hinrich popping 3's can make for another #1 seed for these roaring Bulls.
  • The most important reason of all is Rose staying on the court and not in a doctor's office, a hospital having surgery or sitting on the bench or couch watching his teammates fall short when Rose knows he can make a significant difference.
Derrick Rose may be doing great now and feeling close to or at 100%.  That's great and as an individual I hope he stays healthy and is successful.  He appears to be a likable guy or at the very least somebody that is perceived to be a well mannered young man who stays pretty quiet for the most part.  I route for players like that.

Maybe Rose and his circle of advisers are either encouraging him to play for Team USA or are recommending that he does so he can get back into basketball shape with the best in the world.  To me, making a comeback after almost missing 2 full seasons should be a situation that you ease into.  Going up against some of the greatest talent on the globe who have something to prove against the USA or other international players trying to get recognized by the NBA may play "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons style basketball so they get an opportunity to make it in the big league.  That may come at the expense of Derrick Rose who's just playing defense or going for a rebound or even a big time slam dunk.  That opposing player may take Rose down off his feet in which both knees have already been though hell and back, and he's only 25.

Please listen Derrick, pack up and get outta there.  Continue your rehab and get ready for the ultimate challenge and something that means more then just a month long tournament when there are plenty of excellent NBA players that can fill your spot.  This league has a ton of awesome point guards.  If he makes the team and plays significant minutes then Thibodeau may want to give USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski a call and say ease up on my boy!  

I don't see the relevance or reason for him to play on this team other than conditioning and national pride.  He's suppose to be the man in Chicago and lead the Bulls stampede back to the NBA Finals for the first time since 1998.  Nobody will blame Derrick Rose for not playing on Team USA given his unfortunate recent history.  He still has to work on his stamina and endurance to be able to run up and down the court as he asked to come off the court a few times during practice.  This doesn't sound right to me.  I wonder how Bulls fans feel about this?!


  1. You are an idiot!!!! This is the perfect place for D Rose to make his comeback. He's been practicing with the team since the end of the season and right now, it's the perfect time for him to come out. He'll get the experience of playing against the best in the world after abusing the summer league team, it's time for him to shake off the rust, he won't have to score as much with all the great players he'll be playing with, so why is it a negative. It's one thing to be an arm chair coach but sounds to me like it's another case of someone who watched from the sidelines and never really had the skills to play the game. D Rose will be in tip top shape come the start of the season.

    1. Byron we always appreciate comments, just not dumb ones. Don't call me an idiot or someone who never played. You have no idea who I am. Bottom line - he practiced with Chicago all last pre-season too and he went out in the 10th game of the season. So you're an idiot for saying that. Come here and voice your opinion but name calling is for children. This is my opinion which apparently many share. Armchair that! I mean did you even read the article and reasons why this could be really bad?

    2. I will apologize for the name calling but your article was dumb but it's your opinion. If you think Thibs would not have D Rose's best interest here in knowing what he's doing, I stand by my statement except for the idiot statement. If he steps off the curb on Michigan Ave, are you going to say he shouldn't be walking? He needs get back to playing at high level before camp. He trains in Cali but doesn't scrimmage. Back in the days, Chicago State had Mo Cheeks, Tim Hardaway, Eddie Johnson and all the Chi Town greats, we were balling in the summer. KD plays ball year around and he stays fit. Let's talk at the All Star break and see if this was a mistake!!!!

    3. but you can't say if Rose steps off a curb and twists his ankle or compare him to Durant because Durant has played longer and doesn't get hurt. it's an apples to oranges comparison. Rose IMO should keep out of harms way because he's fragile. Put all his energy and focus to the Bulls. Rose is a great player and won't need much time to get back to where he is. After a few regular season games he'll be Derrick Rose again God willing he stay healthy. Thank you for retracting the "idiot" comment as I do as well. It's sports discussion/debate not an interrogation.

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I was very surprised to see Rose at training camp for the FIBA World Cup. I think playing in the FIBA World Cup is good for Rose's rehab (as basically these are "consolation" games because it's a given that the USA will win, and Spain is only the real threat because San Antonio has prohibited Manu Ginobili from playing so Argentina is out of it) but not good for Chicago, because we don't know how many minutes Rose will get and he could get injured. Like you said, Thibs might give Coach K about his minutes. But from the player perspective, I like it. Just not from the team's. Good article. I was really wondering the same thing myself.

    1. If you were wondering whether Rose should play for USA answers the question IMO. It's a no brainer for everyone else except Rose. Also like I said, some international team/player may go after him and others on the USA squad to prove they belong. It's a dangerous situation and I hope I don't have to say I told you so. Not you but anyone!