Detroit Pistons: What do they do with Greg Monroe?

Reports have surfaced that Pistons center Greg Monroe doesn't want to return. Only problem is that he doesn't have a choice right now. He's a restricted free agent and not too many teams are chomping at the bits to make him an offer...

Detroit Pistons big man Greg Monroe has found himself without serious suitors, leaving him in limbo for now.
Monroe doesn’t want to re-sign with the Pistons for a long deal. He wants to sign a short-term deal so he can hit the unrestricted market soon, reported Basketball Insiders.
There’s been some sign-and-trade proposals but they haven’t really gotten anywhere.
Right now it seems that Monroe is between a rock and a hard place and just like Phoenix's Eric Bledsoe the market is extremely quiet for right now. This has indeed been a weird off season for free agency. I'm thinking that most organizations are waiting for Kevin Love's story of being traded to wrap up before anyone makes a move. Once the Kevin Love gauntlet falls... I'm sure this will create another ripple effect in the league. Many teams will jockey to have good match-ups against other teams once everyone has figured out what's really going on.

Per Adrian Wojnarowski...

Greg Monroe, Detroit is trying to help him with some sign-and-trade possibilities around the league. Monroe doesn't really have a great interest in going back and playing with these Pistons. If they're going to move him in a sign and trade they gotta get value for him. They've got to get back some significant players and some significant talent to compensate for that loss.
They haven't been able to find a deal for him. He could take what's called a qualifying offer and then play one year and become an unrestricted free agent next summer. But that's risky. You're risking injury. You're on a one-year deal when you could right now get the security of a long-term extension.
They've talked to Atlanta. I believe they talked to Phoenix for a while. Those are the two off the top of my head that they had conversations with and that there was interest. Portland had some interest early on but those teams moved on and they realized, you know, again, they could have signed Monroe to an offer sheet but Detroit would have likely matched it. They weren't just going to let him leave for nothing.


There had been rumors that Monroe had no desire to play with Josh Smith anymore... Stan Van Gundy has already come out and said that he supports Smith and feels like he's apart of the long term vision for the Pistons. Once again creating a crazy climate right now for this team. I'm really not sure how this is going to be handled... but the team nor Monroe seem to be getting any where right now. Expect this to drag on for a little bit. If I'm the Pistons however I would facilitate some type of trade, I don't want a player in my locker room that's essentially leaking that he doesn't believe in the team and has issues with particular players that you've backed.

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