Fantasy: Cam Newton and five other players you may want to avoid

Fantasy Football is almost here, opening kickoff is only 32 days away. Many fantasy leagues will have their drafts very soon and all the tough choices start to flow. Take a kicker in the 7th round? QB or RB first round. But there are some players who you take with 100% confidence thinking how they will do great but then you hate having them on your team by Week 4. Here are my top 5 players to avoid drafting.

1. Eric Decker

Now I'm not saying Decker is a bad player in any ways, he's a great receiver but I don't think he will produce fantasy wise. Here's why. First thing is that you have to think the Jets are not really a pass oriented team, they like to ground and pound there way to the endzone. So Decker will get a limited opportunities to make plays. Also think about how you have to think that Geno Smith is still a work in progress. Decker will be an improvement to the Jets offense but he won't be a upgrade for your fantasy team if you draft him.

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