Fantasy Football: Jimmy Graham Leads Tight End Rankings

The Tight End in the NFL has become the new glamour position in the league both in fantasy football and on the field X's and O's.  We have seen some great pass catching TE's enter the NFL who are used like Wide Receivers because of their athletic ability.  Just ask Jimmy Graham about that!  But if we're to blame anyone for the basketball player turned Tight End from college to the pro's then it's Tony Gonzalez.

The recently retired Tony Gonzalez who is regarded as 1 of the top 3 TE's of all time, began this trend when he was playing on the court for the for the Golden Bears at the University of California Berkeley.  Gonzalez also played TE for the football team and ultimately chose hard hitting instead of the hard wood.  He was drafted in the first round, 13th overall by the Kansas City Chiefs in 1997.

Then Antonio Gates came into the league in 2003 and the domino effect fell as college basketball players were now choosing to play Tight End in the NFL.  Even Julius Peppers who's a defensive end played college basketball at North Carolina.  So it's not exclusive to TE's but it's the overwhelming majority with Jimmy Graham's success and other players who have come on the scene like the Broncos Julius Thomas who played football and basketball at Portland State and also chose the NFL over the NBA.

The position has clearly changed so the fantasy value for these guys changes as well.  A guy like Rob Gronkowski may have got 3 or 4 pass attempts 20 years ago because he looks like a true TE who can stay on the line and block.  Nowadays he's an unstoppable machine when healthy.  If Gronk plays a full game you're getting double digits easily.  But is he the best?  Is he number 1 on The Sports Prophet's TE rankings?  Let's find out as I display my top 15 fantasy tight ends and you have to consider the team they play on, the personnel they play with, durability and other things you have to take into account when and where to draft a TE.  Follow my 7 Rules on having a successful draft and that will help your decision as to when to draft a TE.

1. Jimmy Graham
2. Julius Thomas
3. Rob Gronkowski
4. Vernon Davis
5. Jordan Cameron
6. Jason Witten
7. Dennis Pitta
8. Jordan Reed
9. Ladarius Green
10. Greg Olsen
11. Tyler Eifert
12. Kyle Rudloph
13. Heath Miller
14. Charles Clay
15. Martellus Bennet


  1. I've got Gronkowski at the top. At least he shows up in big games. I think he's more dominant than the rest. And Julius Thomas at #2? That's a little too high.

    1. I'd have Gronk 1 or 2 if I believed he could make it an entire season. Health is the only reason. And Thomas is a beast with Peyton.